If you want to create applications for Android phones, you require an Android SDK and an Android Marketplace.


If you want to create applications for Factories, you require the vf-OS OAK and the vf-OS platform to exploit them.

European SMEs' needs around Manufacturing ICT 
solutions are far from being satisfied in an affordable way in terms of cost and time.

vf-OS offers manufacturing orientated cloud platform, supporting a multi-sided market ecosystem that provides a range of services for the connected factory of the future, allowing manufacturing companies to develop and integrate better manufacturing and logistics processes.

 An Open Operating System for Virtual Factories 

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New project using our results


vf-OS Environment

Virtual Factory System Kernel

The vf-OS Kernel is the core of the operating system, responsible for providing key system resources and a set of specific services, which is open and accessible to other components of the system.

Open APIs, interconnection modules and drivers serve as interoperability mechanisms between the factory and vf-OS applications. The integration between both is seamless and secure.

vf-OS provides flexible infrastructure adaptable to the applications and tools including the establishment of adapters to integrate with real factories, existing systems and manufacturing infrastructure.

A complete and fully open Applications Development Kit addresses the developer community with the aim of guaranteeing the growth of the specific applications running in vf-OS system.

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