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Virtual Factory Operating Systems (vf-OS) IO Toolkit to reduce the integration complexity

Industry 4.0 poses to companies the need to capture big amount of data from an heterogeneity of sources and with diverse structure of information. That need is justified with the benefit that business processes can run making smarter decisions thanks to the support of applications that get can integrate information from machinery and existing line of business application. While this task is necessary, handling the complex and diverse proprietary protocols is not trivial. The vf-OS IO component module is the vf-OS component in charge to abstract and reduce the complexity of integrating diverse sources of information in Industry 4.0.

The IO Toolkit is the development framework provided by vf-OS to Manufacturing and Service Providers wanting to generate new device drivers and API Connectors with the purpose to widen the range of shop floor devices and line of business systems that can be connected to applications developed for the vf-OS platform (called vApps). When vApps need to connect to specific software or hardware solutions, a new driver or API connector could be downloaded and installed extended vf-OS, and new developed using the IO Toolkit.

The IO Toolkit Security incorporates a mapped set of security requirements and a documented unit testing plan in security for the development of new vf-OS IO Components. This set of security requirements are based on the recommendations of the most relevant and authoritative organizations in the field of security such as SysAdmin Audit, Networking and Security Institute (SANS), OpenWeb Application Security Project, or National Institute of Standards and Technology.

IO components are deployed as Docker containers. The benefits that Docker provides are a Standardised API for connecting various services, the possibility to port applications to different environments and adapt to several deployment patterns, and several security features such as signed containers, through the Docker Trust feature.

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The project was concluded in October 2019. Thanks for your interest.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 723710.