vf-OS Partners

Manufacturing is naturally an inter-disciplinary topic and the topics covered in vf-OS mean that partners from different fields must cooperate and collaborate. Also, it is important that industry partners do not only play a role as use case topic provider but that their needs and views are fundamental to the RTD carried out within the project. Thus, the vf-OS consortium is equally divided between partners with a background in Manufacturing (IKERLAN, UPV, UNINOVA and LYON2) and ICT (ICE, CMS, ASC and ALM).

ICE is a UK based SME that leads the vf-OS project with its RTD competences in software systems, services integration, data analytics, data harmonisation and process. ICE is coordinator and conceptor of vf-OS and has acted as coordinator, WP lead, Technical Lead, Task Leads, Dissemination Leads, Project Manager both in commercial and research environments.

IKERLAN is a Spanish private non-profit Technology Centre  and a technological R&D actor within the Mondragon Corporation. IKERLAN is a point of reference for innovation, dedicated to advanced technology transfer to industry and comprehensive product development 

INSTITUTO DE DESENVOLVIMENTO DE NOVAS TECNOLOGIAS (UNINOVA) is a multidisciplinary, independent, and non-profit research institute that pursues excellence in scientific research, technical development, advanced training and education.

The Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) is a Spanish Public University that is at the leading edge of enterprise modelling, manufacturing planning research, manufacturing assembly, distribution and service supply chain management research issues.

Caixa Mágica Software (CMS) is a Portuguese SME, a leader in multiple segments of the Open Source market in Portugal. It offers competent professional services on Linux systems, software package distribution and management, algorithms and solvers, networks and systems, virtualisation and development of mobile systems (particularly for Android). CMS has extensive experience in solving integration problems in Open Source, actively supporting IT solutions for the Public Administration as well as being part of research consortia

The University of Lyon 2 is distinguished among other universities in France. The DISP lab at the University of Lyon 2 develops research in enterprise and information system engineering with applications in industrial manufacturing. The particular expertise of LYON 2 research team remains at the development, the integration and the assessment of new service-based business applications in industry.

Ascora GmbH (ASC) is an SME IT company based in northern Germany (Lower Saxony). Since 1994, Ascora GmbH has been developing and selling software as an Independent Software Vendor with products that are used around the world. In addition, Ascora has broad expertise within the virtual manufacturing domain.

Almende B.V. (ALM) is a Dutch high-tech commercial research company investigating and developing self-organised critical agent-based solutions to sustain and improve the coalition formation and coordination of communication and collaboration across evolving networks of humans and existing ICT infrastructures.

Mondragon Assembly Sociedad Cooperativa (MASS) designs and manufactures systems and equipment for process automation. MASS integrate a wide range of commercial elements in our systems and we develop tailor-made solutions to adapt to our customers' requirements providing the most profitable solution in each case.

VIASOLIS is a Linthuanian producer of PV modules with the main target of becoming a reliable partner of global renewable energy industry and to create a place where tomorrow’s solar technologies are born.

Consulgal is one of the major Portuguese consultancy companies, providing a wide range of multi-disciplinary services to its Clients in engineering fields, particularly those related to Project Management and Supervision.


Knowledgebiz LDA (KBZ) is a Portuguese innovation and information systems consultancy company. It specialises in developing strategies for interoperability and information integration using intelligent mapping, meta-modelling, open platforms, architectures and toolkits to support and speed-up the implementation and adoption of  web-based systems.

APPLICATIONS PLASTIQUES DU RHONE (APR) company develops its business activity in the plastic manufacturing industry. To meet the customer expectations, it has built over its 40 years in existence, other technical solutions such as boilers, injection, trading, thermoforming or moulding by casting.

TARDY is an active player in the mechanical industry in southeast France. It offers a high level of design technicity and advanced manufacturing equipment serving the machining (4kg - 40T) and engineering of mechanical parts.