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Industry 4 Factory Solutions Limited, (i4FS Ltd.), is taking the work where vf-OS has finished it and extend it to a more commercial stage.


vf-OS Exploitation

The exploitation of vf-OS outcomes is based on the alliances and agreements between consortium members.


Engagement Hub

A platform that fosters the engagement of other vf-OS developers but also of the development community as a whole.


For a better experience, it is highly recommended that you register in the Engagement Hub.



Standard cloud service, with a clear separation between frontend and backend services. Its backend services provide a double role as vf-Asset storage and deployment, and as a service registry during vf-Asset design and development.


The link shows a limited version of the vf-Store. 


Developers'  Portal

Gateway for external vf-OS developers orchestrating all information for thems to build a vf-OS Asset. Further information is provided to get to component descriptions, references to source code or other documentations, such as technical manuals.


ZDMP Project

ZDMP combines state of the art zero defect technological approaches based on commercial grade or open-source software, with built-in software for any gaps, and with an open development approach and App store.


eFactory Project

eFactory is a federated digital platform that offers innovation solutions from Industry4.0, IoT, AI, Big Data and Digital Manufacturing domains. The 'Data Spine' provides open interfaces to support the integration of distributed systems and platforms with their  toolset and services.