The exploitation of vf-OS outcomes will be based on the alliances and agreements between consortium members. Synergistic exploitation tasks executed during the lifetime of the project will form the so-called Exploitation Business Constellations, which will vary depending on the geographical focus of the exploitation task, selected exploitation model depending on strategic interests, and final customer approach.


The exploitation of vf-OS outcomes is supported by the following :


Open Access.

vf-OS and all of its components will be by default open source enabling complementors (software developers, services providers, etc.) to permanently improve the vf-OS components and interact with the Virtual Factory Platform and develop Apps using the Open Applications Development Kit (vf-OAK).


Sustainable Marketplace and App Store.

vf-OS will take advantage of the great success of the mobile apps business model that are currently being provided for systems such as Google Play or the Apple Store; transferring this approach to the manufacturing sector based on the application framework and the information infrastructure created


Joint Exploitation of Project Partners.

Joint exploitation of the project outcomes will help establish the RTD of vf-OS as a cloud platform and loosely coupled services. The joint exploitation of all partners will be formalised through a joint exploitation agreement that will ensure the sustainability of project outcomes beyond the project lifetime.


Spin-off Company.

As part of the project level exploitation plan and as a sustainability model for the furtherance of the project results, project partners will establish a start-up company to exploit the project's technical outcomes, know-how and data-centric services.​

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 723710.